For the sake of our water, everyone needs to reduce their winter salt use. 

We at Innovative think education is the key to making better decisions. As water quality is such an important topic, everyone should learn about winter salt use and chloride reductions. You have this exciting opportunity to learn and support some important water quality charities. In recognition of your time, until December 31 2023 we will make a $2.50 donation for qualifying* viewers to either the Hudson River Keeper, Lake George Association, or the Swim Drink Fish* foundation (fka Lake Ontario Water Keeper). By attending this webinar, you will get information on the issue, tips and tools to use at home, and an understanding of what businesses and local governments are doing or could be doing.

Topics covered:

  • Water quality and the impact of salt.
  • Winter maintenance best practices.
  • Chloride content comparisons of de-icing products.
  • Tips for the home. 
  • How to get involved.

  Swim Drink Fish


*To qualify: A valid email address must be provided, attendees must reside in North America, and only one donation will be made per attendee. A donation maximum has been set and any views above that value will not count as part of the total. Effective until December 31, 2023, in January 2024 a notification of the total donation will be provided.